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Top 5 Gadgets that used to help with combat with COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has stunned the entire world as well as has affected our lives in a tremendous way. Work-from-home culture has been standardized the world over and currently, people are taking more precautions than at any other time with regards to their health. So far, the coronavirus has infected crores of people around the world with a total India number cross over 40 lakh and the numbers are increasing rapidly with every passing day. people have been stuck at home for a very long time now because of the pandemic however, in the end, everybody is stepping out for work or different activities. At these times, it is important to follow social distancing norms, keep hands sanitized, wear a mask, and try not to meet people until and unless if incredibly required.

While technology was utilized as a tool to easier our life, the most recent tech developments are helping us frame our life so that we adjust to the post-COVID-19 world. During the pandemic, many devices have been developed that can help you stay safe at this time. There are many gadgets that you can purchase to stay safe and stay engaged during continuous Lockdown. Today we are going to list five of such gadgets that you should have during COVID-19.

  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Sanitizer Spray Gun
  • UV Light sanitizer Box
  • LED UV Light sanitizer bar

Infrared Thermometer: –

With the unlock stage presently under progress, people have started working, calling house help, getting their ACs fixed, because of these many people are visiting our homes. Despite the fact that wearing a mask and sanitizing their hands properly accomplishes work to a point, however, if the infection comes in then, it is no way to stop it. As an extra precautionary step, you ought to have an infrared thermometer helpful to test the temperatures of the person visiting. If they have a high temperature, then you can just deny them entry, and go wash and sterilize your hands properly.

IR thermometer, they are very easy to use and give you results in less than a second. But how do they work? The principle behind it is that every object about absolute emits electromagnetic radiation. This also means that it emits radiation in the infrared region which is invisible to the naked eye. The IR thermometer focuses on the transmitted, reflected and emitted IR energy from the body that we want to measure the temperature off. Then the thermal energy is converted by a thermopile into electrical energy and then can be translated into Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

every object or material can’t emit this energy in the same way. The amount of thermal energy that the body emits called emissivity goes from one being a perfect black body to zero and it plays a big role when measuring the temperature. In some IR thermometers, the emissivity can be adjusted depending on what material you are measuring. But in others, it might be fixed to a specific value. This means that two different materials that have the same temperature can have two different readings. It also can give you the wrong measurement if the emissivity is set up to the wrong value.

 At first glance, it looks very simple. You take the device, you pointed something, press the button and it gives you the surface temperature. Right? No! All the measurements you take, you need to pay attention to a few very important details. First, learn how to operate your thermometer and read the manual. Remember! that fog, smoke, and other weather conditions may have an impact on the results. Adjust the emissivity of the device to the material that you are measuring. If the material is shiny or has low emissivity you can apply some oil or black tape on the surface of the material for better emissivity.

The laser dot is only for aiming. The laser dot shows the center of the spot from which it gets the average temperature. To determine the spot size you need to know the distance of the spot ratio or optical resolution. The further we go, the bigger the spot size will get. So, if your target is smaller than the spot size, you must get closer or get a better IR thermometer. After you have finished your measurements, make sure the device is cleaned of dust, smoke, dirt, or any other materials. If you don’t clean and calibrate it regularly eventually you will end up with inaccurate measurements.

Pulse oximeter: –

Low oxygen levels are one of the signs of coronavirus and discovering early can help you with treating yourself faster. Utilizing a pulse oximeter is a non-invasive and effortless method to do. You can currently find between Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 online. The pulse oximeter will just radiate beams of various lights through your finger and check how much oxygen is in your blood conveying to the ends of your body.

if you’re into mountain climbers, skiers, biker’s sports aviation or you want to monitor your health during cold flu or coronavirus season a finger pulse oximeter might be something you want to add to your gear prepping must have first aid item. what’s a finger pulse oximeter? it measures the oxygen levels in your blood and it takes your pulse at the same time oxygenated blood absorbs light so the beam of light from the oximeter passes through the pulsating capillary bed of your finger the oximeter measures the amount of light that’s emitted by your tissue.

The top indicator on the oximeter is going to measure the oxygen saturation of your blood. the bottom indicator on your oximeter is for your pulse. some finger pulse oximeter comes with batteries. Insert your finger if you look inside you can see where there’s a little light and the light is what passes through your fingertip and measures the amount of oxygen saturation in your blood supply. it’s not like a clothespin it doesn’t hurt at all. it’s completely non-invasive it just is measuring the oxygen and your pulse the included directions to the finger pulse oximeter are detailed and clear, keep your hand and fingers still for the reading.

it’s recommended that you do not move your body while taking the reading. the measurement will be displayed on the screen within 10 seconds then it will power off automatically in about 8 seconds when your finger is removed and no signal is detected.  Insert your finger deep inside the pulse oximeter chamber to get the best accurate reading so the fingertip is directly placed between the LED sensor and the LED light source.

 it’s inexpensive and it’s a nice way to keep track of the oxygen level in your blood along with your pulse. it’s a very easy way to take your pulse rate. if you are exercising and it’s a great way to keep track of the oxygen in your blood supply in case you’re concerned with congestion from coughs, colds flu, and coronavirus which can affect your lungs.

Sanitizer Spray Gun (Nano Spray Gun): –

During the unlocking process presently most of the things are opening like offices, shops, restaurants, etc. so we must be exceptionally careful and avoid potential risk. Nano Spray Gun is very useful in our office and home. Nano Spray gun is used to disinfect the surface of the office and home whenever we order any product, we have to disinfect the product so Nano sprays gun is very useful for that process. Using a Nano Spray gun, we disinfect the many stuff in our office and home-like tables and chair in the office, staircase and so many.

Nano Spray gun has very high-quality nano-dispersion effectively disinfect frequently touched surfaces like tabletops, door handles, chairs, railings, carpets, curtains, cars, kitchen slabs, and any other essential item you have. A nanospray gun is a multipurpose appliance that disinfects all kinds of surfaces and objects.

nano disinfectant sanitizer spray gun which helps in cleaning surfaces generally wide open to infection and bacteria effectively, expending lesser time. You simply need to include disinfectant with water (1:20 proportion) in a 260 ml fluid container, with its which not just offers bigger surface inclusion in single fill yet in addition highlights pocket-friendly and budgeted sterilization. Try not to spray mist directly on people on the face. Carefully Follow disinfectant to distilled water proportion to avoid early calcination or clogging.

UV Light Sanitiser Box: –

UV Light sanitizer box depends on a similar mechanism as the UV light sanitizer bar. In any case, in contrast to specific spots, it sanitizes the item put within it with UV-C light and within a couple of moments kills off all germs. Numerous conventional sanitizer box is available in the market evaluated from Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000. Most boxes accompany an ozone disinfectant.

To differentiate, many boxes feature an Aroma Therapy chamber to make the gadgets smell wonderful, though, others include a wireless charging pad on top. Nykaa sells a conventional UV-C convenient sanitizer box valued at Rs 3,200, which accompanies both a remote charging pad and an Aroma Therapy chamber separated from the UV sanitization and ozone disinfectant chamber to put the device in.

LED UV Light Sanitizer Bar: –

UV light sanitizer bars can be bought for around Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000. They are basic sticks with a UV light attached to one end. You can just turn them on and point them at the item you need to sterilize and afterward bath than in the UV-C light to kill off any germs present on them within a couple of moments. Everyday Objects Wield UV-C Pocket Sterilizer is one such item valued at Rs 2,199 that guarantees to kill up to 99.9 percent of germs within 10 seconds to 3 minutes. If you have any suggestions to improve the blog please comment below.

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