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How to Start a Tennis Club Business

Tennis sports attract millions of people each year to its international tournaments. With a gigantic fanbase, this sport definitely has a luscious promise for business investors. You might be the world’s most skillful artist, accountant, or doctor but your tennis club business will eventually suffer the consequences if you lack business sense. What if business and marketing didn’t have to be so cut & dry but instead can be done more creatively with more time and space!

The sports industry has always been one of the fastest-growing industries. It has many lucrative options for those wishing to have a sports business career. That’s the reason why most tennis players start their own tennis club business post-retirement. Starting a business can be an extremely complicated task to handle all by yourself.

Products and Services you want to Offer

Yes, everyone is offering a tennis club in your competition in one way or another. But what exactly are you offering? Are you planning to offer coaching services or only space to play? If you decide to offer to coach, some other factors that will come next are – what’s the type of coaching? What do coaches have for individual or group lessons? Let’s take a look at a list of what people mostly search for in a tennis club:

Good community
Online reservations
The ambiance of the club
Easy access
Affordable prices
First-rate court conditions

Consider the Competition

It’s an obvious one to mention but before launching a tennis club business in your community, it’s worthwhile to find out about the other competition. The sports industry commands loyalty-driven passion like no other industry. Having a clear understanding of the market and industry that you’re planning to work in will help in taking your business to the next level. Add questions like – the count of potential players in the market, the number of existing tennis clubs, and which one is preferable, an indoor or outdoor court.

Set A Budget

Now that you’ve settled on your offering, you need to decide on how much you’re selling it for. Your charges will be influenced by many factors. Think of the kind of brand you’re trying to establish in the market and charge accordingly. If you want more people playing around then you can go with much lesser registration charges. Just keep a note in mind that no matter whatever pricing you go with, eventually your clients will decide if they’re willing to pay for it or not. If you’re new in the tennis business, however, you should do some extensive research to align your budget with your goals.

Negotiate costs with suppliers
Know your gross profit margin
Factor in the industry and seasonal trends
Set spending limit

Define Your Marketing Goals

The best way to stick to your budget is to spend wisely on relevant, clear, and measurable marketing goals. These goals will help you focus on the right activities and channels. Get clear about objectives and audience during the research phase. Marketing goals you should work for:

Getting high-quality leads
Increasing brand awareness
More website traffic
Increasing revenue
Boost brand engagement

When you think of a marketing campaign for your business all you think of are prominent flashy examples such as Nike’s – Just Do It or Apple’s – Relax, its iPhone. But the truth is, that results from months of planning and brainstorming.

Decide on Software to Manage Payments and Bookings

Digital advancement has become integral to the success of all businesses – especially in the continuously booming tennis club business. This technological evolution continues to achieve the highest expectations by effortlessly establishing an organized and profitable foundation. Let us introduce you to an inventory and resourceful tool, Picktime. Picktime is a cloud-based appointment booking software customized in order to handle all your tennis club business tasks.

From Sports to Medical to Business Advisory Picktime has something for every business. There are no extra installations required and you can manage all your payments and staff in one place with a few clicks – just integrate with your favorite app PayPal, Square, or Stripe. Using Picktime you get a customized booking page and a unique URL for your business. With Picktime you get multiple location access, an online calendar, reporting tools, automated SMS & email reminders, and 24×7 email support. So why don’t you give starting a tennis business a whirl while Picktime got you all covered!

Consider Franchising

Starting a tennis club business via franchising is not a recipe for your business’s success but a comparatively lower risky way. Maybe your definition of growth is creating opportunities for others or building a legacy that lasts a lifetime. Whatever your motive is here are four advantages of franchising:

You will not need much capital.
You will have extremely motivated management.
You will be able to promote growth quickly.
Reduced risk.

The above-shared steps will be helpful to get on track and kick-start your tennis club business. Bear in mind that the journey could be bumpy but with a well-combined plan, the right choices, and hard work you can take your business to the top.

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