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5 Tips to Get Social Media Visibility with ZERO Design Skills

Whether you are a blogger, photographer, business, or content writer, whatever you do, to know that you exist, a good social media presence is critical. It helps connect with a like-minded audience and engage. Individuals excel in a particular skill and niche; therefore, if you dedicate an excellent time to creating captivating graphics but are still unhappy, this is for you.

The blog is all about-

How to create good visuals with zero design skills?

If you are a solo entrepreneur or an early-stage startup working on an idea, you may need more funds to hire a graphic designer. Ensuring sufficient cash for an early-stage business is no less than a treasure.

 In severe cash shortages, startups often miss leveraging opportunities. For example, resort to emergency cash loans in Ireland if your business encounters a sudden inventory update and you lack cash. It eliminates any fear of missing out on pivotal output with 15-minute money in the account.

Even if you grab the opportunity, you may lose the deal if your graphics are not up to the mark. Therefore, one must know how to create good visuals with zero design skills. Here are some tips for doing so.

1)     Start easy and design regularly

If you are a good copywriter with all the necessary skills to help a business capture more audience. You must reveal it. Businesses will only approach you once you show what you have. For this, networking is critical.

You may meet a few people who may adore your work. But they may soon vanish if you lack any way to keep in touch with them. In most cases, the graduates with good skills need more business cards and hence lose opportunities.

Things happen when you take the lead. Identify what qualities you lack to attract and connect with the right audience. Start with a basic design structure.

There are great tools and software like Canva, Crello, Design Wizard, and Piktochart. The best part about these is that they come with dedicated templates you have to edit. It is a great way to begin your journey to create captivating visuals without any design skills.

2)     Always be Authentic in your approach

Before designing any graphic, understand how you want the audience to feel. Choose the exact words, colors, and Fonts accordingly. Yes, it may be time-consuming, but it is worth it. Explore the social media pages in the same industry.

It will help you understand the visuals, the colors that attract an audience, the messaging, and the font to use. You can implement the same in your graphic structure and prepare a good post for the next day. Social media influencers follow a pattern. Analyze it and make it unique to your brand and its mission.

Never summarize someone else idea. Instead, brainstorm the best potential behind attracting an ideal audience to your brand and share something unique to them. It should be something they have never heard of. By sharing unique content, your business will grow. Use images that your audience relates well with.

3)     Choose the right stock photo

Individuals with little or no knowledge of graphic design often publish posts with images that have been online umpteenth time. If you are new to graphic designing and creating a position with the same graphics or visuals, your audience will not engage.

The reason for the same is- monotonous design parameters. While choosing a stock photo to create graphics, think about the purpose of the post. Could you make it unique instead by creating an infographic?

Do not fear making it all from scratch. There is software that helps you design stress-free. Just use the template and present a unique idea behind it. You are good with words and idea formation; the whole thing becomes easy-peasy.

Infographics convert better and engage well. If it represents a unique idea, the audience would engage and want to know more about it. You can re-edit the stock image to add a special touch to it. It is one of the easiest ways to create graphics quickly. Edit by adding your logo and title, inserting text, changing color, and adding icons to illustrate things better.

4)     Write a detailed and well-explained caption

Sometimes, it is okay to be simple with graphics. However, the graphic must speak volumes. For example, if you are a creative car finance company, you can prepare a post targeting car finance in Ireland customer that has no depositYou can do so by launching the below creative:





This creative type is impactful in grabbing the attention of an audience looking for no-deposit car finance deals consistently. It would appeal to the audience. You can attach an attractive visual with this and explain (the process to leverage the agreement) in detail in the caption!

As per facts, a caption with 200 words performs better on Instagram. Now, how you represent the same in the most captivating style is on you. Ensure a conversational tone throughout the caption. Readers and viewers relate better to it.

5)     Brainstorm unique content ideas every time

Coming up with unique and gripping ideas every time could be painstaking. Thus, it is ideal for developing a unique structure basing the brand’s aim and audience. You can do so by creating ideas according to the below form:

20%- Promotional posts- (services/ products you deal in)

20%- lifestyle posts- (exciting ways to do a particular thing)

20%- behind the scene posts- (Things you do to run your business)

40%-should be core values- (It includes your belief, mission, vision, or approach)

Always remember, it does not matter how many posts you upload in a day or week but the quality. If your graphics and message are reasonable, you may encounter good visibility of posts on social media.

Bottom line

Now, you must be clear about how to create good visuals with zero design skills. It just requires consistency in learning and experimenting with tools and messaging aspects. Identify your audience’s and brand’s core purpose and personality and create gripping graphics that reveal your business’s best approach.

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