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Samsung M51 vs Oneplus Nord which is better value for the money?

In the current blog, we going to present a detailed discussion on Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord. We will finally have a snapdragon processor in a Samsung mid-ranger because we know how much they love the Exynos line-up but all thanks to tough competition. It’s finally here and it has been impressive so far. it really gives tough competition to other devices in this price segment. let’s compare it with the likes of Oneplus Nord that has been way too hyped till now, so let’s find out the best choice for you under 25000. The Oneplus Nord is priced at around 24999 for the base variant (6GB, 64GB) and M51 is also priced at around 24999 for the base variant (6GB, 128GB) though with the discounts both of them had at present could manage them at 24000 and 23000 respectively. Anyways let’s cover them pointwise:

  1. Display: We have a 6.44 inch 90Hz fluid AMOLED display on the Oneplus Nord and a usual 6.77 inch 60Hz sAMOLED Plus display on Samsung M51 which might not seem that great on paper but comparing them side by side there are no issues with any of them, though the display on Oneplus Nord comes with its fair share of issues which you are bound to notice in some scenarios. The display on Samsung M51 has no issues as such the display is crisp and feels even more immersive than Nord because of the slight curve. The display on M51 to be better than Nord in daily usage because of overall color and sharpness. The blacks are deeper on M51 and also no tint issues as such though the max brightness on M51.
  2. Build Quality: The Samsung M51 is quite huge. The back cover is glastic or plastic and so is the frame and on the other hand, the Oneplus Nord also has a plastic frame but the back cover is glass. it looks more premium out but the plastic back on M51also has a reason for the huge battery. The in-hand feel on both phones is solid and the looks are totally a subjective thing so pick the one you like.
  3. Software: Both phones run on android 10 but the Samsung M51 runs on ONE UI 2.1 a custom skin and the Oneplus Nord runs on oxygen OS 10 which is much closer to stock android. There are multiple issues that have been experienced till now, like random frame drops in apps like chrome and Random Bluetooth connection drops, and high standby drain. On the other hand, there have been no such issues with One UI at least till now the standby drain is minimal, all the extra apps can be removed and One UI is quite clean and polished, it has features like an always-on display, Dolby support and music sharing so the overall software on galaxy M51 is good. Something has multiple issues on Nord so no matter how good the oxygen OS is if it affects usability you start to ignore the positives so my choice would be one UI in this for obvious reasons.
  4. Performance: Oneplus Nord has 6GB of RAM along with 64GB of storage in the base variant and galaxy M51also has 6GB of RAM but with 128GB of storage and an SD card slot too, 64GB on Nord is less but that is faster than what you will experience on M51. The storage type on M51 is slower than Oneplus Nord. Oneplus Nord comes with the 765G and 730G on M51of course Nord beats galaxy M51 in benchmarks and performance for the most part on paper and can easily handle any task you throw at it.
  5. Gaming: Gaming on the M51 is good and you won’t have any problems or heat-ups plus that 7000mah battery just feels awesome. The gaming experience will be better on Oneplus Nord because of a better processor snapdragon 765G and storage type (UFS 2.1). COD runs on very high frames on both without any issues and the experience has been good because the game is so optimized and both these devices handle it really well. In gaming, Oneplus Nord is the clear winner.
  6. Battery Backup and Charging: The Samsung M51 is the ultimate winner because of this monster battery and it is really difficult to drain this battery and the device lasts easily for 2 full days on a single charge which is incredible. You get one-day battery life on Nord, the charging standard on Oneplus Nord is faster at 30Watt due to which it takes less than 1 hr to charge completely. M51 takes 2hrs at 25Watts but another feature where M51 has its edge is in reverse wired charging so you can basically charge any type C device with the supplied cable.
  7. Camera: We have a 48MP Sony IMX 586 on Oneplus Nord with an 8MP ultra-wide, 2MP macro, and 5MP depth sensor and on the other hand a 64MP Sony IMX 686 on the galaxy M51 with a 13MP ultra-wide, 5MP macro, and 5MP depth sensor so on paper the camera’s on M51 are better than Oneplus Nord. The Oneplus Nord has a good back camera, no doubt but because of a bigger sensor on the M51 and the processing by Samsung is also quite good. Overall images look better on M51. it has a better dynamic range, colors, and details Zooming in. In night mode where Samsung M51 makes good use of wider aperture and delivers brighter images through the nightscape, Nord tried hard and delivers good images too. M51 is slightly better for dark scenarios. All this stands true even for the rest 2 camera’s the ultra-wide on galaxy M51 takes better images that are brighter and more detailed than the 8mp shot on Oneplus Nord. That last macro camera to be honest is crappy on both Oneplus Nord and M51 but because of 5MP. The M51 takes somewhat usable images with little details Also the portrait shots are better on M51 as it captures more details and better depth of field that can easily be edited afterward too. On the front, both have 32MP primary sensors and the Oneplus Nord produces some over-exposed and inconsistent images though it has a capable sensor too the software processing is just bizarre right now and the images lack details. Oneplus Nord has one extra ultra-wide camera. The galaxy M51 is quite consistent produces much better images that look really detailed and the portrait mode is better on M51 too. So Definitely in the camera department, Samsung M51 is the best out of the two.
  8. Audio: The speakers on Oneplus Nord are louder than M51. A bit clearer on Samsung M51 but the maximum volume is a bit lower. The calls were clear on both the devices and you have VoWiFi support on both Nord and galaxy M51.
  9. Fingerprint Scanner: The fingerprint scanner on Oneplus Nord is an in-display fingerprint scanner but on M51 is faster and more convenient because it unlocks as soon as you press the power key. Both devices have face unlock too but the one on Oneplus Nord is faster than M51. you get a 3.5mm headphone jack too which comes in really handy.

Conclusion: The galaxy M51 has its own fair share of advantages as compared to Nord and if you have any of these devices, well congratulations. you have made an excellent choice but overall the galaxy M51 seems a better package out of the two if you are not that much in heavy multitasking as it will last more and feel more refined than Nord and overall you should be the one to decide what’s best for you and not me or anybody else.

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