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Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, We have a lot of budget phones these days in the 20,000 INR price segment from Realme, POCO, and Redmi and one particular device in this range is the Redmi Note 9 pro max, Not only this device looks premium but even has some features that have some practical use case, for example, a battery that lasts for 2 full days on a single charge. In this blog, let’s have an in-depth review of the Redmi Note 9 pro max, and let’s find out what differentiates this device in this crowded smartphone market. There are a lot of things to cover so if you want to know the details about this device as I have been using this as my primary device for over a week now.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max


Starting right off with the design well like other devices this device is huge and this display is 6.67 inches full HD+ LCD protected by gorilla glass 5 with this opening punch camera on the top which truly doesn’t trouble a lot, be it viewing a film or playing a meeting of Pubg. I became accustomed to it before long and I didn’t see it sooner or later, I even discovered some cool punch gap backdrops to include the pleasant component to the device and unlike other devices like Realme 6 pro and POCO X2 this one doesn’t have a crazy high refresh rate and the display is a 60Hz standard panel which is a bit old school and overall display is great and the colors look sharp, vibrant and true to life.

I wish it was, in any event, an AMOLED show and the brilliance ought to have been somewhat higher if not a 120Hz or other gimmicky stuff, see the thing is these high invigorate rates are extraordinary, in the wake of utilizing POCO X2 for quite a while I can say that the high revive rate is addictive and the gadget feels a great deal smoother but the drawbacks of that overshadow the benefits, first of all not much apps still support such high refresh rates, secondly you end up losing your battery 2 times faster and as far as I know people buy budget phones because of features such as great battery backup and good cameras and not for a refresh rate that kills the battery in half day.


Also, this one does not have any stereo speakers as it might seem by this huge grill on top but what it does have is a physical LED notification that is even missing in the POCO X2, it is a tiny white-colored led but it’s visible and subtle at the same time and you will be happy to have it. You also have a headphone jack in this one and it is handy to have it in case the battery of your Bluetooth device dies out. You have a USB Type-C port next to it that can charge this device at a whopping 33Watts and that is something you are going to love, As claimed by Xiaomi it charges the device is around 1h 10 minutes and that is overkill for this huge 5000mah battery which is one of the best features of this device and this charging animation also changed after the update, and the frame on this device is made from plastic and not from metal which is a bit less durable but it will hold up just fine and the device weights 209gms but the weight distribution is done pretty well.

You have 2 microphones as usual and an IR blaster on top which is really handy. I forgot how handy it was till I started using it with my air conditioner before going to bed so I am glad that this series still has it. And I think one more good thing that you have with this one is a dedicated micro SD card slot, so you can use 2 sims and a micro SD, if you are still using that and the call quality on this one is also great and I got no dropped calls with my primary sim plus it also has voice over WIFI for JIO sim and other networks too, on the right side you have the volume rockers that are clicky but I wish they were a bit softer and that is totally subjective.

And below that you have your power button and fingerprint scanner and the placement of the fingerprint scanner in the power button is a great move as you don’t even have “to press the catch to open the gadget and that is one less activity, however, you can likewise change that in settings.” This fingerprint scanner is quite fast and accurate and it unlocks the device every time but I see some minute delay in unlocking the device and It can be fixed easily with a software update. So, no problems there as well. “Furthermore, one small thing I truly acknowledge is that the screen defender on this one is pre-applied too so there is no compelling reason to get one for the present.”


Now coming to the performance well this one is powered by a snapdragon 720G processor which is the latest 8nm processor by Qualcomm, plus it has UFS 2.1 storage that is quite fast as compared to MEMC storage that was used in earlier budget phones, this one also has 6GB of RAM along with 128GB of storage and you can save some of your money by going with the 64GB ROM variant and this device is powered by MIUI 11 based on Android 10 and overall I am satisfied with the way this device performs in day to day scenarios and it can easily handle anything you throw at it, I found no glitches what so ever and I was able “to cripple the vast majority of the promotions and evacuate the bloatware in MIUI 11 yet I like a portion of the highlights present and they compensate for a truly decent encounter” like gaming turbo mode that adds up a bunch of features that are handy while gaming, three-finger screenshots, forced dark mode, etc.

Generally speaking, I am not a fanatic of MIUI and custom ROMs for this gadget are likewise coming soon as some of them are out for the star variation. Likewise, the gaming execution on this one is better than I expected and games like PUBG ran fine and dandy on ultra settings and I got a nonstop casing rate of 60FPS which is appreciated as even the device as POCO F2 gets around 40-45FPS which is bad as it even has that liquid cooling. In short, this device can handle any game you wish to run perfectly without any issues and a 5000mah battery is like a mini inverter, seriously! It easily lasts for 2 full days even with some gaming and screen on time that I got really impressive, and it gets topped up in the blink of any eye, so that’s great.


Now coming to the back, this glossy back panel is protected by gorilla glass 5, but it’s a bit fragile as mine got a deep scratch even after taking special care of it so always use a case with it if you want the device to stay for long.


“Another principle feature is the quad-camera arrangement on this gadget.” It has these 4 cameras on the back and one punch hole camera on the front. The primary camera is a 64MP Samsung ISOCELL GW1 sensor the second camera is an 8MP ultra-wide sensor, the third one is a 5MP macro and 4th one is a 2MP depth sensor which nobody asked for. And the front camera is a 32MP wide-angle camera, so this back camera is capable of taking some really good quality images that are detailed and look sharp in daylight or at night and it also has that 64MP mode to take high-resolution images and it does not make that much of a difference but sometimes the details it catches are significantly more than in auto mode, aside from this the ultra-wide camera is likewise adequate for certain snaps in sunshine yet it isn’t that incredible for any challenging scenario and same is true for that macro camera and So the final output from this camera is much closer to reality and the images are true in color and are plenty sharp with quite a lot of details.

The 64MP sensor was able to retain quite a lot of details but in some cases, it tends to over sharpen the images. And the front-facing camera is also great for selfies and it clicks some great images without any tweaks and the colors it captures are natural, and overall these cameras are good enough and the camera is better than POCO X2.


The Redmi Note 9 pro max is an excellent budget phone with good specs at this price and also if you have a tight budget go with the Redmi note 9 pro variant you will not be disappointed with that as well, The display could have been an AMOLED or with a better refresh rate but the practical features like faster charging, bigger battery, and better performance are enough to cover for the lack of it and overall it’s a good buy at this price with a ton of good features as well and it looks nice in hand as well more premium and subtle than other budget phones in this price and has its own identity if you compare it with likes of Realme that has the same design for every other device. So that’s it, this was a detailed review of Redmi note 9 pro max and if you have any other questions do let me know in the comments section down below.


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