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A Comprehensive Guide to Pakistani Fashion 

A Comprehensive Guide to Pakistani Fashion 

Pakistani clothing is renowned for its classic lines, flawless finishing, and vivid colors. Our clothing is renowned for embodying our skilled artisanship and rich cultural history. If we consider style and material quality, Pakistani fashion has gone a long way. Our creative designers have been leaving us in awe with their most recent collections, and as a result, we have recently attracted a lot of attention from across the world. The royal family’s tour to Pakistan was all about showcasing Pakistani fashion, and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was often seen wearing clothes from local designers including Maheen Khan, zeen, and concepts pret.

No longer do you need to go for foreign names to get high-quality clothes; Pakistan’s garment sector today produces some of the most demanded clothing in the world. Our tailored clothing is in a class of its thanks to the attractive designs, dexterous embroideries, gorgeous color combinations, and classic outline. 

Here are some of the most popular fashion trends now being seen in Pakistan.

Printed Cloth

Print on print has to be the greatest trend for the spring/summer 2022 season since we can’t seem to get enough of it. The shape of a kurta shalwar or kurta trouser, which has lovely designs in adorable hues, is the ideal method to combat the heat and is the ideal clothing for a casual day at the workplace or college. The Mannat print-on-print line is one of our favorites. It has modest, understated patterns, a pastel color scheme, and straightforward designs, making it the perfect summer uniform.


This spring and summer, companies are going all out with flower patterns. Summer is all about drinking lemonade, going brunching with your buddies, and floral prints. By Rafia summer collection, which combines traditional hues with colorful flower embroidery and floral-screen printed dupattas, is one of our favorites from this season. It’s the breath of fresh air your wardrobe needs.

Fresh Colors

This year, we are seeing a lot of pastel and soft pinks, blues, violets, and peaches, while winters are all about neutral and gloomy colors. Summers are all about lively and new colors. Due to its vibrant color scheme, lace accents, silk-screened dupattas, and premium fabric, it was the best-selling lawn line and was completely sold out shortly after its debut. Given that the majority of them were seen wearing them, this collection must be a favorite among all the celebs.

Chikankari every day of the week

When it comes to the season’s most trendy fabric, it has to be chikankari. It has been seen in a variety of clothing, including summer kurtas, western skirts, stylish blouses, and even wedding attire. The spring and summer of 2022 and 2023 were all about adding chikankari in lawn collections and kurtas as well. It is difficult to resist their creations, which combine the finest in chikankari and laser cuts with floral themes.

Separating Matches

The most popular trend in both international and Pakistani fashion right now is matching pieces. Whether they are solid colored separates or separates with print-on prints, we are seeing them everywhere and we are not complaining. They seem both fashionable and timeless, as well as both sophisticated and casual. For functions and other occasions, their silk solid outfits are the ideal option.

What distinguishes Pakistani fashion from Indian fashion

Although the traditional shapes may make Indian and Pakistani fashion seem to be fairly similar, there are many distinctions between the two. For example, Pakistani fashion is more subdued and modest whereas Indian style is more vibrant and daring. At, you can get Pakistani clothing for every occasion. The largest selection of apparel from all the well-known brands in Pakistani fashion can be found at Rafia.
Designs for Women’s Winter Linen Dresses in Pakistan (2022–23)

Similar to cotton, linen is a natural textile made from plants and comes from the flax plant. Before being turned into threads and finally fabric, it is gathered and preserved for a very long period. The fabric’s traditional softness and lightweight feel are a result of the fibers becoming finer and softer during storage. Given that it works well in both mild and cold climes, linen is one of the textiles that can be worn all year round.

One of the many textiles, it is used in a variety of women’s dresses. The manufacture of women’s clothing in Pakistan makes extensive use of better quality linen fabric. Pakistani ladies choose linen fabric over other comparable fabrics because it is resilient, simple to keep, and convenient to care for.

Winter linen dresses for  Pakistani fashions include embroidered gowns, patterned suits, and solid-colored linen dresses. The fabric is thick enough to make excellent winter clothing. You may discover a smart selection of women’s linen suits in impressive patterns with both hand-done and machine-done embroidery. Typically, linen is used for casual clothing.

But you can also spend money on a gorgeous linen dress to wear to a formal event or party. The selection is amazing; you can choose between a basic linen suit and an embroidered shawl made of linen, velvet, pashmina, or another material. Choose from embroidered gowns or an embellished suit to stand out from the crowd if a lavishly adorned linen suit is what you are seeking. 

If you take care of your linen dresses online, you can wear them for many years to come. As the linen fabric has a fluid feel to it and looks good even without ironing, you can quickly style your linen dress without pressing it if you need to. These Pakistani winter dresses can be machine cleaned or washed by hand, although it is advised to wash by hand for decorated outfits.

The many dark-colored winter linen outfits with outstanding stitching appear beautiful. During the winter, you might get some simply stitched linen kurtis to wear with jeggings or jeans. Some of the most popular linen dresses come with thick shawls; you can layer them with outerwear to stay warm against the bitter cold. can help you improve your online shopping experience. Rafia is a developing online marketplace where you can purchase from the comfort of your home your preferred fashion accessories and goods from reputed companies. The rising popularity of online shopping in Pakistan has made it possible to get high-end clothing items at your door. At, we realize that time equals money. You can explore our galleries for Pakistani-style trendy clothes and accessories and make an order in just a few easy clicks. Our biggest feature is that, in the majority of situations, we transport your purchased things to your home for free, so there are never any additional fees.

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