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Top 7 problems you should know about Mi Fit Band 4 before you regret

Mi Fit Band 4:

The Xiaomi MI fit Band 4 has been with us for over six months. MI fit band 4 has 7 problems, listed below.

Mi Band 4

The seven major issues discussed in this blog. Based on my experience, I have been using this band cautiously for recent months. However, with all these problems, this is the best fitness band you can buy for under Rs.3000. We recommend this so that the first thing is –

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  1. When you trigger the band, the ON screen time will stay ON for just five seconds.  The default setting is five secs No alternative or option but this is one of the main challenges. There is no band option.
  2. The watch faces are the next challenge. The number of watch faces you have in the band is even better than any fitness band. The band has over 50 face-watches. The downside is that you cannot control all of the band’s watch faces on your own. You get choices choosing from the band of up to four watch faces. For the 3 of the 4 watch faces that you synchronize within the band, the default only is the fourth watch face. The band has a newly synced watch face. It is just a software error because you get so many watch faces and cannot try them all from the band.
  3. The causing problems are sleep monitoring and sleep tracking, but the band does not have a dedicated sleep tracking section. To monitor the details, you need to link the band using the app. It is too 1st, there is a problem, and this is not precise. The band considers it light sleep plus a bed and the wake-up period is not 100% correct, and thus there is a problem with precision, and secondly, it does not have a day-sleeping function yet Honor Band 4 does have this feature since the last year.
  4. The next problem is the heart rate sensor; the band hasn’t an intelligent HR sensor; for example, in Samsung Galaxy Fit e, Honor Band 4 is a smart sensor, which you will see, even though you do not wear it, the band always attempts to record in comparison.
  5. The following is the problem with water sensitivities, this is a touch screen, meaning that clearly when it comes to water it should not behave abnormally, but this is still a gym and you have in the band pool-swimming mode so that when you carry it to the pool. It will not be easy to get there. Moreover, with a regular drop on the screen, it acts abnormally. It is great as long as it is locked, so it is insane when you unlock it because it is hard to reach the screen when you have it underwater.
  6. Next to the problem of the module, the package is very different from previous models. The biggest issue with the module is, that the 2 loading pins in the bottom always have to uninstall the module and plugin gear, but as I have been using the honors for the last eight months this isn’t the same, while it’s built directly to plugin. It is not the same. This way, you cannot use the previous version module with that band.
  7. The next problem is the home button and you get a dedicated home button. In reality, you can set it manually for either purpose or mission. Once you are in an option, you can really do it by clicking the button, rather than returning home, you return to the submenu or menu. It also has a correct Swipe setup, but these were only a couple of issues that should be solved soon, that I personally have found and shown you. If you purchase this product now, these are the problems you would find if you can overlook these problems then you would surely be able to buy it. I always say that under the Rs.3000 tag segment this is the strongest workout band.


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