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Mi Band 5 Review: The best fitness band tracker?

Mi Band 5 Review: Mi Band 5 has 11 sports modes. Mi Band 5 has features like water resistance for swimming, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and more. In previous models, for charging the watch we had to take the watch module out of the rubber band, but on the Mi Band 5, this has changed to a better type of connector. The connector is much smaller and it’s magnetic, so we directly charge the band without taking off the rubber bands at all. The watch itself looks pretty like the Mi Band 4. The sensors are presented in the middle on the back and on the left side is the connector for the magnetic charger.

The Mi band 5 screen is flat with slightly rounded edges. The rubber band of the watch has lots of holes for adjusting the size, and it attaches with a pin on the other side. The Mi Band 5 is always very easy for setting up. It uses the Mi Fit app, and you can find it by searching in the store, or by scanning the QR code in the manual.

To add the band in the app just tap the plus icon in the right corner and select the band. When you connect the band with the app first time the app will probably tell you to charge the band, if the battery is low. Please charge it, because it may need to update the firmware. Inside is a 125mAh battery, and charging the watch from empty to full takes about 2 hours. On a full charge, in normal mode, it can last up to 14 days and in battery saving mode last up to 20 days.

The watch bands are very comfortable to wear for long periods. The size of the band is small at 18 by 46 mm. The display area on the Mi Band 5 is about 20% larger than on the Mi Band 4. Mi band 5 has a 1.1-inch dynamic color display with 126 by 294 pixels, so it looks generally excellent and energetic, even in sunlight. By holding the display for a couple of seconds, we can change between the different watch faces. If you look above and below the time, you’ll see steps and heart rate pulse. These can be changed to show anything you want it to show.

At the bottom, there is a little gear icon, and tapping it allows us to customize the areas. it shows the weather, alarm, graphs, or just want to make it easier to start an activity by making a shortcut to them.

We can see the name of the person calling for incoming calls. It also has the mute button, which is nice if you don’t want to answer. If you want to dismiss the call, simply tap the red button on top. Missed calls will also appear in the notification area, so it’s easy to check who called without using the phone. The media player works very well, and we can play, stop, forward, backward, and on top is the volume control. It’s small, but it works well. Next is the weather, and we can see the forecast for the next few days, including high and low temperatures, weather icons, humidity, wind, and UV status.

Next is PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) shows us the previous days’ results. In heart rate monitoring, we can two options, manual and automatic. In the manual option, we start measuring or swipe up to see a more detailed view. When we set the Heart rate to automatic. It monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day in the app.  Next is Stress, Stress will show us our current stress level. Breathing is a new feature available in the band, where you should sit calm and relax while breathing and following the instructions and animation on the screen.

In workouts, we have all the exercise options like running, treadmill, cycling, indoor cycling, walking, elliptical, rowing machine, yoga, jump rope, pool swimming, and freestyle. When an activity starts, it will initially tell the application on the phone to start up the GPS. This way the activity data will be more detailed and exact. It will take 3 seconds countdown, so you can prepare for when it starts. We have time, distance, steps, calories, and pulse at the bottom. After the activity is done. we get some more details on the watch, like Time, distance, speed, pulse, steps, cadence, and stride.

Next is More, and in the More option, they packed whatever they didn’t want to add on the main screen. In More Option Do Not Disturb mode is present. Alarms on the watch, we can only turn the alarm ON or OFF. This is a vibration alarm, so there’s no sound coming from the watch, but it is strong enough to wake up in the morning.

Next is the camera function, which lets us use the Mi Band 5 as a remote to take pictures. When it’s active and the camera is open, we can use the Mi Band 5 screen as a remote shutter to take pictures. We can also change the screen’s brightness, but it’s more than bright enough. The screen goes up to 450 NIT and there is one interesting function called Detect Activity. If the Detect Activity function is ON, the watch will monitor what you’re doing, and if it believes you’re doing a type of sports activity, it will be asked as to whether you need to begin the activity action function. This is valuable if you forget to activate the activity function yourself. There’s a function for observing monthly menstrual cycles.

We should move over to the app. Here’s is a quite definite perspective on the stress level during the day, with various charts and pleasantly presented data. Sleep monitoring functions admirably. It can require some time to become used to if you usually don’t wear watches around night, however, the Mi Band 5 is small and light, so it is comfortable all. It supports napping. The application gives us deep sleep, light sleep, REM, and time awake alert. Heart rate monitoring functions work well. The watch work in the pool very well. The main test is the touchscreen being bit unresponsive while it’s covered in water.

In a cycling activity, we can observe elevation, speeds information, speed changes in graph form, and even the altitude. Most of us like changing the watch face from time to time, and luckily there is a lot of themes. Alerts from incoming calls and other apps can be switched OFF or ON.

Conclusion: Personally, I mostly use full-size watches, but I really like the Mi Band 5. It’s a decent-looking band with an excellent application. This is genuinely a deal contrasted with other main branded bands out there, particularly when looking at what you get for the money, and with such great battery life, we don’t need to worry about charging it consistently. The Mi Band 5 is a good deal with that price point.

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