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5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Really Want to Learn Design

Well, before we go on speaking about design, we must consider what it is in the most basic way.

Design is something you need to know about. In a basic sense, design means illustration. And then it means presentation. Then it means representation. Then again, it means a lot of other things.

Let me give you a wonderful idea.

From the cave paintings to the logo of Starbucks, all are simply called DESIGN.

Design means to represent something that has a message visually, or that has some storytelling elements. And chances are you can make a great career out of it.

You’ll need some sort of training, though.

Be it a diploma/ major course or a simple graduation program in graphic design and digital art might be the literacy you are looking for.

But I can sense you are not sure.

So, let’s find out what you need to do about it.

Find out If You Truly Need a Graphic Design Course

The question is if you have some traits to be more relevant to being a graphic designer.

Disclaimer: Anybody can design

With that being said, it is true to think that design aspects are easier, and it is a good time to take out an unsecured education loan for people with bad credit (no broker involved in between). Well, taking out that loan is a good decision. However, not questioning yourself on specific aspects of a design career is going to make your choices more assured and informed.

This is why these questions:

  • Are You a Creative/ Innovative Person?
  • Do You Think You Are Flexible Enough?
  • Are You Ready to Redo it?
  • Can You Really Put a Wordy or Any Idea to a Picture?
  • Do You Display Empathy?

Without further ado, we can try to learn more about them.

  • Are You a Creative/ Innovative Person?

Look, creativity doesn’t mean that you have to make the next masterpiece.

You are welcome, though.

You can try making a simple drawing stand out. That’s enough creativity.

My pro tip will be to think differently.

If you do so, then it is probable that you are pushing yourself to a more constructive point.

Creativity is the sole thing for designers. It is probably the first and the most common interview question asked wherever you meet people aware of design basics. My wife is a writer, and she also knows what creativity means to design.

As mentioned just now, you don’t have to be superiorly skilled to be creative. You just have to put some signature element in your drawing or art. It doesn’t matter if you have that quality. All that is needed is if you have the attitude and the will to be creative.

That ‘will’ be enough.

  • Do You Think You Are Flexible Enough?

Let’s say you are asked to draw a simple logo for your company. The and

You drew it or illustrated it in the best ways possible. And chances are your company is praising you.

But are they happy with your work?

Or do they want you to change it?

Look, being stubborn in some areas of life is good. You need it. It is a strength for tasks like fulfilling goals and hard work. But, as a designer, you are not even expected to be rigid.

The graphic specialist has to present his or her clients with attractive designs. It is your duty to bring designs that will matter for the business of your client.

For that, you have to come up with alternative prototypes. And trust me, in this phase, your job can become a little tiresome and lengthy.

But, after making these alternative creations, you’ll finally enjoy your achievement through your client’s satisfaction.

  • Are You Ready to Redo it?

Just redo it.

Sometimes, you need to change the whole design aspect over.

Maybe that is something, which sounds a little bit boring, right?

A work of illustration is a piece of art. Yes, you may not always need to replace a drawing or a design with a new one, but, at times, you may as well need to edit a design you have made.

It is simple to understand. The design you make has to meet the criteria of the standard and type of business. It then should attract its customers. And finally, it must appeal to the owners of the business as they want their designs made just as they want.

  • Can You Really Put a Wordy or Any Idea to a Picture?

Now the point is that your design needs to tell a story.

If not a story, then at least an idea…you get the idea, right?

Well, no wonder the Mcdonalds’ logo holds so much meaning. Make a separate Google search to find out this matter.

As a matter of fact, storytelling through an image or a digital painting is a difficult job. But it is doable. Combine your own ideas with the message you want to put in the image, and you will find a way.

One pro tip is the puzzles.

Wait! Puzzles?

Have you ever wondered why solving some specific puzzles requires something called ‘out of the box thinking?

Do the same, and you will get to tell a story through a single image.  

  • Do You Display Empathy?

Art is nothing but the representation of your emotions.

And, with that, a lot of other things too!

When you show empathetic behavior to others and try feeling what people are feeling, you can get dimensions of your art. It’s practically amazing to explore this.

As a result, you can make even better designs. And that’s exactly what your employers are looking for.

To Conclude

If you want to learn design, going for a formal course will be a good idea to gain knowledge of different software and how to use them.

If you are an advanced learner, you can still go for a course from platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, etc.

Need a job? Then sign up on sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or freelancer (this one has free services).

On these freelancing sites, you will get to work on individual client-based projects on design (& many more).

Make a stand-by learning design this Christmas. If finance is the hurdle, then take out a Christmas loan for bad credit to get quicker admission to a course. 

And then, you will become ‘limitless’ because art is precisely that.

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